Start Using Your 6-digit PIN for Your AEON Credit Card Transaction


Start using your 6 digit PIN for every transaction with your AEON Credit Card at all EDC machines cause starting 1 July 2020, all Credit Cardholders MUST use PIN when transacting.

Why do you have to use a PIN for your Credit Card transaction?

  1. To Follow Bank Indonesia Regulations
    Effective 1 July 2020, all credit card transaction with EDC machines are required to use a 6 digit PIN to authenticate credit card holder transaction
  2. To avoid unauthorized transactions
    The use of credit card PIN is safer than a signature, because PIN is confidential and known by credit cardholders only
  3. Withdraw Cash from ATM Wherever & Whenever
    By using a 6-digit PIN, you can withdraw cash at any ATM with the VISA logo within Indonesia or abroad
  4. Ease of Transaction when Abroad
    Some countries already require the use of a 6-digit PIN when transacting


Still have not activate a 6 digit PIN on your AEON Credit Card? Activate it now by following the steps below:



Activate and use your credit card PIN from now before 1 July 2020. For detailed instruction on how to request or change your credit card PIN, visit Activate Your AEON Card PIN page.

For all other information, contact AEON 24-hour Customer Service at 021 - 29711000 or via email at

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