On July 22nd, 2017, our big family of AEON People from AEON MALL INDONESIA, AEON INDONESIA, AEON FANTASY INDONESIA and AEON CREDIT SERVICE INDONESIA accompanied thousands of community members consisting of school students, university students and representatives from the local residences. Also participating Japanese Ambassador to Indonesia, Minister of Environment, Governor of DKI Jakarta, East Jakarta Mayor, Cakung Subdistrict Head, East Cakung Village Head. On the occasion planted about 8,000 at AEON Mall Jakarta Garden City, Cakung, Jakarta.

This event marks the upcoming opening of AEON Mall Jakarta Garden City and becomes the symbol of AEON Group synergy with local communities in preserving the nature and environment for future generations.

AEON Group as a business corporation is committed from the start to contribute to the local community with various activities held regularly and always strives to be a business group inside the customers’ heart.


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