From December 12th to 16th, 2016, AEON 1% Club has granted scholarship certificates to university students in five ASEAN countries including Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar, in order to help them through educational endeavor and ultimately achieve their dreams.

On 14th December 2016, AEON 1% Club together with AEON Group in Indonesia are back in holding the AEON Scholarship Granting Ceremony in University of Indonesia, Depok. In this event, the scholarships were granted to 5 (five) students from Universitas Indonesia. This event is the fifth event for AEON in granting scholarship for university students from Universitas Indonesia and Universitas Padjajaran since 2012.

All 5 students taking photo with the representatives of AEON people

AEON Group companies contribute 1% of their pre-tax profits, which are managed by AEON 1% Club to carry out social contribution activities under our strong desire to use the profits gained from our local customers’ patronage for sustainable development of society.

AEON Scholarship is the part of the AEON 1% Club programs to support students' dreams realization and hope that the students will become leaders in their respective fields of specialization after they graduate. Through exchange opportunities, students deepen their understanding and interest in Japan and promote goodwill friendship within ASEAN countries.

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