Tree Planting 2013

On the 25th August 2013, AEON Environment Foundation together with Jakarta Government held Tree Planting (mangroves) which is the last part of the project to protect Prof. Dr. Sedyatmo toll road and surrounding residential areas along the northern shoreline of Jakarta from flood. Since 07.00 AM, all Tree Planting participants gathered at Pantai Indah Kapuk, Northern Jakarta. All the 1,600 participants who involved in this action consists of 1,100 volunteer from Japan, 250 high school students, 150 people from NGO, and 100 employees of AEON Credit Service Indonesia.

This Tree Planting initiated by Mr. Takuya Okada, Chairman of AEON Environmental Foundation, and Prof. Dr. Emil Salim, SE, Chairman of Indonesian Presidential Advisory Council, when he was awarded with “The Midori Prize for Biodiversity” in Japan, in October 2010. In this program, 60,000 trees will be planted within a period of three years (2011-2013) and co-operation has been set forth in the Letter of Intent (LoI) signed by the Secretary General of AEON Environmental Foundation and the Head of Department for Maritime and Agriculture Jakarta Capital City Government on June 9th, 2011. This year, around 23,800 mangrove seeds planted using “Guludan Air Tenang” method.

Participants were entertained by a world class violinist, Ayako Ishikawa. She is a National Overall Instrumental Winner with honorary title of “The Best Performer in Australia”. Besides that, Jakarta Government also presents the traditional Jakarta Dance to all participants and guests. This event was attended by Deputy Governor of Population Control and Settlement of Jakarta, Mr. H Syahrul Effendi, SH, M.Si, Chairman of AEON Environmental Foundation, Mr. Takuya Okada, Japan Embassy Officials in Indonesia, and Mr. Prof. Dr. Emil Salim as Chairman of Indonesian Presidential Advisory Council. Tree Planting event was lasted for about half an hour and all participants were allowed to leave the area after it or they could take pictures while enjoying snack that have been distributed by the committee.

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