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  1. What is AEON Fast app?

AEON FAST is a digital application developed by AEON Credit Service Indonesia for multipurpose financing application that is fast, easy and safe. Consumer financing application is now faster through a smartphone. It can be applied anytime from anywhere.

  1. How do I download and activate my AEON Fast app?

1. AEON Fast is available in Google Play Store. Type in "AEON Fast Indonesia", and klik "Install" to download and install AEON Fast app from Google Play Store
2. Click and enter AEON Fast app
3. Follow the steps below to activate your account:
a. Follow Member steps, if you already have an Express Card
b. Follow Non-Member steps, if you have never used AEON Credit

  1. What do I need in order to make and use AEON Fast app?

1. Your e-KTP (Your electronic Indonesian Identification Card)
2. Android Smartphone with minimum OS version Lollipop
3. Internet connection through wi-fi or mobile data package

  1. Why can't I register in AEON Fast app. What should I do?

First, check again whether your personal information is in accordance to your e-KTP and your mother's maiden name is correct. If the information is correct but you still cannot register, please contact AEON Customer Service at (021) 2971 1000 or e-mail to

  1. Can AEON Fast be used at all cities throughout Indonesia?

At this moment, AEON Fast app can only be used by users whose domicile is in the area of Greater Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, and Semarang. We are working to cover more cities in Indonesia. To find out whether your domicile is covered by AEON, please contact AEON Customer Service at (021) 2971 1000.

  1. Can the AEON Fast app be filled when I do not have an internet connection?

No, you cannot. The application is not active if you do not have an internet connection (offline). Make sure your internet connection is active and stable when you fill in your application in AEON Fast app.

  1. How long is the approval process for the AEON Fast app application for Member Customer?

For Member customer, your limit is already obtained at the time you have become an AEON Member. For this AEON Fast app, you are transferring your limit from your member card to the AEON Fast app. Your limit will appear immediately after the Member successfully registers into AEON Fast app. If you have not received a limit, you can contact AEON Customer Service for further clarification at (021) 2971 1000 or by e-mail at .

  1. How long is the AEON Fast limit application application approval process?

Non Member application submitted during business hours between 10:00 - 22:00 will be confirmed from 1 minute to 30 minutes. Application submissions over 22.00 to 10.00 (H+1) will be processed the following day.

  1. How much AEON Fast limit will I get?

You will be given suitable limit in accordance to the choice of the product category you choose. AEON Fast limit given to customer starts from IDR 3,000,000

  1. If the application has been approved in the AEON Fast app, can I get my product immediately?

You must visit the nearest store partnering with AEON Credit Service Indonesia in order to transact the product you wish to purchase. Your new product can be taken home after you have transact at the particular AEON partner store.

  1. What is the function of QR Code in AEON FAST app?

The QR code in AEON Fast app will be used for transaction in-store. QR code stores your application approval information and protects your personal data from being misused by unauthorized parties. Please do not share your password & PIN to anyone so that the QR Code will not used by unauthorized parties.

  1. How do I request for increase limit?

To increase your limit, you can submit your request through AEON Fast app via your QR Code page with the menu "Increase Limit". Please ensure that you have your supporting documents such as your Bank Account Book from the last 3 months and also your NPWP (Tax ID) card to continue the process of increasing your limit.

  1. Is our AEON Fast Limit approval fixed? Or can it be canceled if I change my mind?

Your AEON Fast limit is given based on the category you have choosen. If you wish to cancel AEON Fast limit, you can cancel via your QR Code page through the menu "Cancel Limit" on your QR Code page.

  1. How do I transact with AEON Fast in-store?

1. Visit the nearest store that partners with AEON Credit Service Indonesia.
2. Choose the product of your dream, if you have any questions, you can ask Sales store & AEON Promoter.
3. Show your QR code from your AEON Fast app to AEON Promoter.
4. AEON Promoter will process your AEON Fast transaction.
5. Confirm your transaction in your AEON Fast app. Then make your payment at the store's cashier.
6. Congratulations! You have successfully transacted with AEON Fast. You can your product home.

  1. Do I receive a proof of down payment from the Merchant?

Yes. You will still receive a receipt for your down payment at the store's cashier. Please keep your down payment receipt for validation proof when needed.

  1. Will I be able to see my historical payment to AEON through the AEON Fast app?

Yes. You will be able to view your payment history to AEON using AEON Fast app.

  1. If I do not have a smartphone but want to apply for AEON Credit consumer financing, what can I do to apply for AEON's consumer finance?

You can submit your credit application manually at AEON partner stores. AEON Promoter will assist you with the application process to get the product that you want.

  1. Can I borrow someone else's mobile phone's number for my consumer finance application?

Application submission using AEON Fast mobile can only be used by AEON Fast account owner and their respective handphone number registered at AEON.

  1. If I do not have a smartphone and I use someone's number to download the AEON Fast application, will my application be processed?

We cannot process an application that is not your own by using other people's smartphone and other people's data. However, you can still apply for credit application manually at AEON partner stores.

  1. Can I uninstall AEON Fast app after obtaining approval in my AEON Fast app? Then if I am interested again in using the AEON Fast app, can I download the application again and what should I do?

You are able to uninstall your AEON Fast app any time without losing your registered data.

For Member customer, AEON Fast limit is valid for lifetime. If the Member customer uninstalls and then downloads AEON Fast app again, Member customer will only need to login into their account with their registered password. Member customer can be use their AEON Fast app again.

For Non-Member customer, AEON Fast limit that has been approved by AEON is valid for 30 days only. If Non-Member customer uninstalls and then downloads AEON Fast app again within 30 days, the applicable AEON Fast Limit is still the same as the limit that the Non-Member customer got on their first approval. Non-Member customer can simply login again with their registered password. However, if the Non-Member customer downloads the app again after 30 days from their first approval, Non-Member customer can log in but will be asked to re-apply for a new AEON Fast limit.

  1. Is there a charge for using AEON FAST app?

There is no charge to download and use AEON Fast app but your quota will be deducted during the download process and when you are using the application.

  1. Do I need confirm to AEON after making a payment for my installment?

There is no need to confirm your payment to AEON. Your payment status will be updated in the system within 1x24 hours.

  1. Can I request an early settlement for my on-going credit agreement through AEON FAST app?

You cannot request early settlement through AEON Fast app. We recommend that you pay your installment in accordance to the agreed schedule. However, if you wish to have an early settlement for your on-going credit agreement, you can contact and confirm your request by contacting AEON Customer Service at (021) 2971 1000. You will be charged a penalty fee of IDR 100,000 for each credit agreement that you wish to settle early.

  1. Does AEON Fast have data security measures?

Yes, because AEON Fast app uses QR code to store your information and protects your personal data from being misused by unauthorized parties. Please ensure to always keep the confidentiality of your password & PIN so that the QR Code is not used by unauthorized parties.

  1. Can I change their handphone number on AEON Fast app itself?

No, your AEON Fast account handphone number can only be changed or updated through AEON Customer Service at (021) 2917 1000 or email at .





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