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Consumer Finance FAQ

1. What are the products that can be financed through AEON?

AEON Credit Service Indonesia together with its various merchant partners provides consumer financing services for a wide range of consumer goods such as Electronics, Furniture & Home appliances, Communication Gadgets (Handphone and Tablet), Laptops & Computers, Music Instruments, Education Courses, Health Equipment, etc.

For more information, please visit AEON’s nearby merchant partners. The list of AEON’s merchant partners can be seen here.

2. How to apply for AEON’s financing?

Please meet our sales team or merchant’s staff at nearby AEON’s merchant partners to help you with the application process. Application must be filled in completely and submitted to our sales team or merchant’s staff together with other supporting documents.


3. What are the requirements for applying AEON’s financing?

The requirement for applying AEON’s financing are very simple, please make sure that you are able to meet the basic requirement and complete the supporting documents as follows:


4. How long does it take to process the application?

Once we have received the completed application together with the supporting document, it will take no longer than 3 (three) calendar days or less than 1 (one) hour for Member/Express card to know your application status.


5. How do I know the status of my application?

The status of your application can be obtained through Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system by calling AEON Customer Service at (021) 2971 1000. Please follow the instructions below:

  • “Press 2” for Consumer Finance
  • Input your ID card number and your mobile phone number as stated in the application
  • “Press 1” to know your application status.


6. How much do I need to pay for monthly installment?

Your monthly installment amount is printed on the “Payment Advice” that was previously delivered to you. If you have not received your Payment Advice, please call AEON Customer Service at (021) 2971 1000 for further information.


7.  How do I pay my monthly installment?

You may pay your monthly installment through the following channel:

  • Nearest ATM (Mandiri ATMs, Bersama, Prima & ALTO ATM Networks)
  • Nearest POS Office
  • Nearest Indomaret store
  • Nearest Alfamart, Alfamidi, Lawson, dan+dan
  • Tokopedia
  • Go-Jek Application
  • Bukalapak
  • AEON Pick-up Service

For further information, please click here

8. How much is the late payment penalty fee?

Payment that is made after the due date (on the 2nd every month) or the next working day if due date falls on the weekend or national public holiday will be imposed late payment penalty as referred in the table below:

9. What if i want to make a payment for early settlement?

You can pay in full amount before due date of the last payment and interest, late fees, early repayment fees of Rp 100,000, and other amounts owed at the rate or in the amount determined by AEON from time to time and notified to customers in a way that is considered good by AEON.


10. What is AEON Express Card and what are its advantages?

AEON Express Card is a privileged member card given by AEON Credit Service Indonesia to its valued customers to have a faster, easier and more comfortable transaction.

The advantages of AEON Express Card are as follows:

  • Lower interest rate than regular customer
  • Fast application process, 1 hour application process since application submission
  • Receive special promotion for members only and early promotion information through SMS blast
  • 1st installment will be deferred to next following month


11. What are the requirement and condition to get AEON Express Card?

AEON Express Card will be given to customers with good payment history. AEON Express Card will be delivered to customer’s address as stated in the application form.


12. How do I use the AEON Express Card?

Before transacting at any AEON’s merchant partner, you will be required to fill in a member application and show your AEON Express Card together with valid ID card. The approval on your application will be informed through phone and SMS within 1 (one) hour.

13. What do I need to do to change my personal information?

In accordance to the applicable regulation that requires customer to update its latest personal data, you will be required to update your latest data by contacting AEON Customer Service at (021) 2971 1000.


Effective January 1, 2019, the AEON Terms & Conditions is changes which can be seen here.




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